1. If you have done things mentioned in the infographic on this page then you are qualified for The ChikCoffee Game.

  2. The Prize: Once a month ChikCoffee will ship the winner a pack of roast and ground coffee to the address given by the winner at time of winning.

  3. Only public posts that can be viewed by everyone on the internet are qualified for the contest.

  4. Name of the contest winner will be posted on ChikCoffee's Facebook page and website.

  5. We will contact the winners via social media or call or text or Whats App depending on the availability of her/his contact info to ChikCoffee.

  6. We will be asking the winner the address and other details for delivery of prize coffee. If no response is received within 3-5 business days, prize will be forfeited or offered to the next highest grossing participant.

  7. Winner Calculation:

    • Whose ever post has the highest number of impressions shall be the winner.

    • A total of posts, post likes and comments by separate individuals for all posts by individual participants will be considered for Facebook posts. 

    • A total of tweets, replies on the tweet, retweet and likes by each individual participant will be considered for Twitter posts.

    • A total of likes and comments by each individual participant will be considered for Instagram and LinkedIn posts.

    • Any post on any social media other than the above will be considered as long as the participant can prove that their post has better reach.

    • Only posts with #ChikCoffee and/or @ChikCoffee that can be tracked by designated officer of ChikCoffee will be considered for the contest. 

  8. Contest winners will be evaluated on 18 December 2017. Results will be notified via FB, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn by 23 December 2017.

  9. ChikCoffee reserves the right to disregard any participant/profile/post at anytime without the need to explain.

  10. ChikCoffee may notify additional terms and conditions if and when required. The same will be updated on this page within 5 days of deciding the new term or condition.

  11. Scorecard and Updates at: https://www.facebook.com/ChikCoffee/