Nitya 70:30 The Home Blend is a strong blend with higher proporation of chicory to give you a typical South Indian Dharshini (fast-food) like coffee. This blend is created keeping in mind the regular Indian coffee lover. This coffee is capable of giving you an extra boost to get you ready for your next task whenever and whatever you need it for.


This coffee is created by one of India's foremost cuppers. Its a blend of hand picked arabica beans and high grade Robusta, roasted seperately to perfection. The 30% premium chicory adds to the unique character of coffee from the estate on the hills of Chikmagalur.


You cannot miss the lively aroma of this coffee both in the powder as well as in the cup. The aroma valve and zip lock keeps the coffee fresh all through its journey from our estate to your home up until you have enjoyed the last bit. 

Nitya The Home Blend (Mild to Strong) 70:30

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  • DM Laxman Gowda