Eka 80:20 Single Estate Coffee by Chik Coffee is a filter coffee blend designed by one of India's foremost cuppers. The most perfect arabica beans from our estate are carefully choosen for this blend. They are then roasted under the supervsion of an experienced roast-master on the estate itself. The coffee is roasted to over 200 degree centigrade right up to exact stage where the unique cup character of the coffee is at its peak. It is then blended with a fine dark roast of robusta and 20% premium chicory which further enhances the unique character of coffee from the estate on the hills of Chikmagalur


You cannot miss the lively aroma of this coffee both in the powder as well as in the cup. The aroma valve and zip lock keeps the coffee fresh all through its journey from our estate to your home up until you have enjoyed the last bit. 

Eka The Signature Filter Coffee Powder, 80:20 Medium Strong (150gms)

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  • A carefull observation of this coffee while its in your mouth will reveal the natural flavours of raw honey and apricot with a lingering juicy sweetness of a tropical fruit. Many experienced coffee taste experts have vouched for those characters.