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 Freshest Indian Coffee from the mountains of Chikmagalur 

Love Coffee? So do we. ChikCoffee is what you get when a century old coffee growing tradition meets with the forward thinking of the millennial generation.  Now get your pack of freshly roasted and ground coffee directly delivered to you from the plantation.

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Lively Aromatics

Flavors of Raw Honey and Apricot,
Elegant and Silky body


Untouched by Synthetic Substances

Flavors of Fresh Orange and Plum

Floral Aromatics


From of the Highest Estates of the World

Very Definition of Complexity

Flavors of Jack Fruit, Passion Fruit, Cherry...


A group of coffee plantations nurtured with passion



For over a century we have grown coffee on the Western Ghats of India. Located in the district of Chikmagalur in Karnataka. Our estates are known for their high elevations and for being the  only place in the world to grow coffee under the shade. ChikCoffee is a manifestation of the experience of four generations of coffee planters and the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders.

ChikCoffee is committed to end-to-end management of supplying superior coffee experience to the consumer. ChikCoffee’s objective is to ensure, the freshness of coffee and its unique character, which is often tied to its origin, is never lost between the estate and you. This is achieved by using sophisticated processes and cutting edge technology. We engage leading experts throughout our processes.

Each of our blends are designed by some of  the world's finest coffee cuppers. Perfect beans are carefully sourced from the estates and roasted under the supervision of experienced roast master. All this is done while keeping in mind you and the rich coffee culture we want you to experience.  A lot of importance is also given to how we deliver our coffees. We adopt advanced packing technology available to ensure our products pass the test of time be it on the shelf or at your homes, even after they are opened, until the last cup is enjoyed.

We look upon the entire coffee growing community as one family. Well being, sustainability and cultural preservation of  the community is a very important objective for Chik Coffee.


ChikCoffee is brewing a storm both in the market and the coffee growing community. Come be a part of our story.



Coffee estates in India are located in the hilly regions away from hustle bustle of the cities. They are always green, clean and peaceful even in busiest of the seasons, with great weather for most part of the year. This makes coffee estates an ideal weekend getaway. Many resorts and home-stays also can be found in the region. Many of them are owned and managed by the coffee planters' families.

A rich culture handed over down generations with an evident influence of opulence cannot go unnoticed especially in the home-stays.  Beautiful hidden streams and waterfalls, viewpoints and local food are some of the experiences to look forward to when you are in the coffee land.  

Every once is a while ChikCoffee conducts coffee making workshop where one can try their hands at making great coffee and learn from the experts. Harvest season that begins from November and goes on upto mid of February are a great time to visit a coffee plantations. We can also put you up at a nearby home-stay or a resort. Accommodation in our estate homes may also be available on request. 

Places to Visit



Coffee Grove Resort

+91 70222 70888

Guddadamane Homestay

+91 99001 00241

Kalyankool Homestay

+91 94486 93890

Sukhanada Homestay

+91 94486 93890

Guddaduru Homestay

+91 9449762021



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#80/1, Hosagadde Estate

Doddamagaravalli, Aldur

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